ICOM – 8.33 kHz airband radios range

Icom have a range of VHF airband radios that will meet next year’s 8.33 kHz spacing deadline. The company has a range of 8.33 kHz handheld and panel mount radios for GA pilots, balloonists and glider pilots as well as models for commercial operators.

The 8.33 kHz airband radios range includes.

• Handheld radios such as the IC-A6E Portable VHF COM Transceiver and IC-A24E Portable VHF VOR/COM Transceiver.

• IC-A220T Airband Panel Mount Transceiver which can be installed directly into an aircraft console.

• IC-A120E Airband Radio which can be used as a base/ground station radio on a desk or as a mobile radio installed in a vehicle.

As you might expect, demand is huge for these models so to ensure that you meet this deadline, contact your local Icom airband dealer. If you aren’t sure who your local Icom dealer is, give our sales team a call on +4021312.20.20 or enter your details on www.microworld.ro

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